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There is a better way to resolve the disputes that are sure to arise in the course of daily life and business. The courts, large and small businesses, local governments and individuals are all turning more and more to alternative dispute resolution processes and practitioners to seek relief from drawn out and painful traditional process.

Steve Hall has always had a reputation for being a problem solver in his environmental and land use regulatory practice. "That is simply the best approach to get solid, long term results for your client in complex and large scale land development matters. Do your homework, know the parties and their needs and always search hard for the creative win-win scenario."

Over twenty years of professional work as legal counsel for state agencies, regional regulators, local governments, citizen groups, banks, developers and homeowners associations has given Steve a unique perspective on multi-party problem solving. This life experience has prepared for the highest level of challenge in land use, real estate, construction and community association dispute resolution. Whether as a special master or mediator, Steve brings a well rounded perspective and passionate commitment to his work.

Steve is not limiting his dispute resolution practice to just his core specialties, he is certified by the Florida Supreme Court specifically to mediate all circuit court civil matters. He is also registered to serve as a mediator for the Florida Department of Financial Services, the Florida Conflict Resolution Consortium, and the Division of Florida Condominiums, Timeshares and Mobile Homes.

As a Christian who practices law, Steve is available to provide guidance to fellow Christians interested in biblically sound, peace-making process as an alternative to litigation. He is also interested in assisting local churches and ministries establish their own dispute resolution processes and ministries.

We understand that a comfortable and relaxing setting promotes better attitudes and better results during the course of an intense mediation session. We do not come from the old "keep them hot, uncomfortable and hungry" school of encouraging settlement! Our spacious and well lit caucus areas will facilitate up to five party multi-party mediations. Each caucus room has access to internet work stations, wi fi connections and a central refreshment center. Speakerphone, Skype and net meeting connections are available to facilitate remote attendance where desired.