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The Newest Company to Enter the Homebuilding Business: Airbnb

December 17, 2018

Airbnb, the renowned short-term home rental service, is looking to expand its services to include homebuilding. Yes, you read that right. Airbnb announced last month that they will be the newest company to enter the homebuilding business. One important question arises from this news: what groundbreaking changes will Airbnb bring to the market?


Shared Homes


The new homes are being built from the ground-up with the intention of sharing; something that has yet to be done. It’s all part of a new homebuilding initiative from the company, called Samara: Backyard. It takes the current home sharing model, from which Airbnb has generated immeasurable success, a step further.


Environmentally-Friendly Design


Besides crafting homes ideal for sharing, Airbnb’s Backyard initiative is focused on improving the carbon footprint of the homebuilding industry. The team spent an ample amount of time researching the construction industry in order to find solutions, including prefabricated homes and economically-friendly building materials. However, none of these solutions were fit to help them achieve their long-term goals. Therefore, the Backyard team will be starting from scratch to revolutionize the way homes are built.


Smart Homes


The homes will also be incorporating smart-home technologies, something the company believes will assist in keeping the homes up-to-date with the periodic advancements in technology. Additionally, Airbnb wants to consider the needs of the various owners of the home, who will all come from different backgrounds.


Targeted Launch


Airbnb started work on their homebuilding project last year. They put together an impressive team of architects, roboticists, engineers, designers, and more. The company plans on beginning to test prototypes of their new homes as early as Fall 2019. In the meantime, the rest of us can sit back and see what revolutionary changes Airbnb brings to the table this time.


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